Covid Vaccine Pushers Going to Door-to-Door – Here’s Their Script

Well, well, well. It’s not enough that taxpayer dollars were by the Trump Administration to vaccine manufacturer to rush Operation Warp Speed. Now we have “Community Health Ambassadors” walking America’s neighborhoods with the purpose of convincing you the “vaccine” is safe and you should take it. We now have a copy of one of theirContinue reading “Covid Vaccine Pushers Going to Door-to-Door – Here’s Their Script”

Oh, to be in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s shoes

By now you’ve probably heard that the cancel culture is alive and well, even in the halls of Congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the 46-year-old representative of Georgia’s 14th district, was removed from both of her committee seats by a vote of 199 – 230. Eleven Republicans (in name only) were among those who voted forContinue reading “Oh, to be in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s shoes”

The Capitol “Riots” – A False Flag?

It’s a shame independent journalists are handcuffed when reporting news. Despite a ton of evidence, I can’t declare something to be. Instead, I must ask questions, as then the Marxist censors who run social media platforms are less likely to shut off my pages. That said, by asking the questions, perhaps it makes for aContinue reading “The Capitol “Riots” – A False Flag?”

Johns Hopkins Study Suggests Covid-19 Death Toll is Misleading

It was bound to come out sooner or later: Deaths from Covid-19 are not exactly as they seem. A study published November 22 by The Students of Johns Hopkins states, “[T]he COVID-19 death toll is misleading.” Researchers studied number and causes of deaths from 2014 through 2020, and found no increase in the number ofContinue reading “Johns Hopkins Study Suggests Covid-19 Death Toll is Misleading”

The “Boise Manifesto” – Boise Mayor Seeks to Create Another Portland

Imagine the mayor of a state capitol who seeks “ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white dominant/white supremacist culture.” You’ll find that on page 8 of the “Final Transition Team Report” for Mayor Lauren McLean, titled, “A More Equitable City for Everyone.” Yes, Boise’s good mayor put together a task force to come up withContinue reading “The “Boise Manifesto” – Boise Mayor Seeks to Create Another Portland”

Marxist Mayor of Boise’s “Snitch” Line Gets Calls From Patriots

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean’s “snitch” line is getting a good number of calls from patriots. The snitch line was created to report businesses or persons not following the Mayor’s mask edict; however, patriots view the snitch line as an opportunity to snitch about their rights being violated. As you might imagine, some of these patriotsContinue reading “Marxist Mayor of Boise’s “Snitch” Line Gets Calls From Patriots”

The Marxist media is not trustworthy (no, really, they’re not)

I just wrote a piece for RedState on how KTVB in Boise refuses to take down a fake news story about Idaho Representative Tammy Nichols. Definitely a case of the public relations arm of the Marxists and the Medical Industrial Complex digging in their heels. And yes, it’s about masks. Go check it out. #Continue reading “The Marxist media is not trustworthy (no, really, they’re not)”

The Dem’s manual for disrupting the election (leaked and now available)

Amazingly, the Democrats / Marxists / Antifa / BLM (all redundancies) aren’t even trying to hide their plans anymore. Someone leaked their “Disruption Guide for the 2020 Election.” What can we expect? First, expect the Left to believe Biden will win. Second, expect a lot of violence no matter who wins. Let’s start with #1.Continue reading “The Dem’s manual for disrupting the election (leaked and now available)”

When readers are … well … illiterate. And lazy.

As a journalist / columnist / political pundit, I occasionally get ‘fan mail.’ Most of it’s good, but sometimes it’s … odd. For example, back in July (2020) I wrote about Anthony Fauci lying and people dying because of his lies. (That #$&#* is on the Leadership Advisory Team for Bill Gates’ “Decade of Vaccines,”Continue reading “When readers are … well … illiterate. And lazy.”

A Rape Victim’s Trauma When Wearing a Mask

The following letter was sent to Chad Christensen, an Idaho state representative, and shared with permission. Statement from Rep. Christensen: This was sent to me from a rape victim regarding her trauma with masks. It was very humbling to receive this and I could not help but feel tremendous concern and empathy for her. SheContinue reading “A Rape Victim’s Trauma When Wearing a Mask”

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