The Capitol “Riots” – A False Flag?

It’s a shame independent journalists are handcuffed when reporting news. Despite a ton of evidence, I can’t declare something to be. Instead, I must ask questions, as then the Marxist censors who run social media platforms are less likely to shut off my pages. That said, by asking the questions, perhaps it makes for aContinue reading “The Capitol “Riots” – A False Flag?”

The “Boise Manifesto” – Boise Mayor Seeks to Create Another Portland

Imagine the mayor of a state capitol who seeks “ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white dominant/white supremacist culture.” You’ll find that on page 8 of the “Final Transition Team Report” for Mayor Lauren McLean, titled, “A More Equitable City for Everyone.” Yes, Boise’s good mayor put together a task force to come up withContinue reading “The “Boise Manifesto” – Boise Mayor Seeks to Create Another Portland”

Marxist Mayor of Boise’s “Snitch” Line Gets Calls From Patriots

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean’s “snitch” line is getting a good number of calls from patriots. The snitch line was created to report businesses or persons not following the Mayor’s mask edict; however, patriots view the snitch line as an opportunity to snitch about their rights being violated. As you might imagine, some of these patriotsContinue reading “Marxist Mayor of Boise’s “Snitch” Line Gets Calls From Patriots”

The Marxist media is not trustworthy (no, really, they’re not)

I just wrote a piece for RedState on how KTVB in Boise refuses to take down a fake news story about Idaho Representative Tammy Nichols. Definitely a case of the public relations arm of the Marxists and the Medical Industrial Complex digging in their heels. And yes, it’s about masks. Go check it out. #Continue reading “The Marxist media is not trustworthy (no, really, they’re not)”

The Dem’s manual for disrupting the election (leaked and now available)

Amazingly, the Democrats / Marxists / Antifa / BLM (all redundancies) aren’t even trying to hide their plans anymore. Someone leaked their “Disruption Guide for the 2020 Election.” What can we expect? First, expect the Left to believe Biden will win. Second, expect a lot of violence no matter who wins. Let’s start with #1.Continue reading “The Dem’s manual for disrupting the election (leaked and now available)”

Globalists don’t care if there’s bloodshed in America

Globalists employ the Marxist philosophy: Divide the country to rebuild it the way they want. And guess what? They DO NOT CARE if there’s bloodshed. Bottom line, globalists don’t give a rat’s a$$ what the majority of American people want – they believe they know what’s better for us. Their goal? Fundamentally transform the UnitedContinue reading “Globalists don’t care if there’s bloodshed in America”

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