The Capitol “Riots” – A False Flag?

It’s a shame independent journalists are handcuffed when reporting news. Despite a ton of evidence, I can’t declare something to be. Instead, I must ask questions, as then the Marxist censors who run social media platforms are less likely to shut off my pages.

That said, by asking the questions, perhaps it makes for a better story anyway.

I **STRONGLY** encourage people to read my column at UncoverDC on what we KNOW happened on January 6. And if you find it presents valuable evidence, please share it with people you know who believe the legacy media narrative that neither BLM nor Antifa were involved in the events at the Capitol on Jan 6.

Especially share it with your elected representatives.

Here’s the link to “Was the Capitol Riot a False Flag?

Oh, and you can also download the flyer for the 11am BLM-affiliated event two miles from the Capitol, which said attendees “Must have tactical gear / bullet proof vest, bring first aid kits and water.”

Now why would they need bullet proof vests?

Oops. There I go with another question.

# #

About Daniel Bobinski and the New Book of Daniel blog:

For 30+ years, Daniel Bobinski was a management / leadership coach and corporate trainer. He’s also a certified behavioral analyst, NYT best-selling and award-winning author, and long-time columnist on workplace issues.

In 2019 Daniel decided to start writing about news & politics, penning a weekly column for UncoverDC, where he serves as assistant editor. He also writes for RedState.

Daniel is a veteran and a self-styled Christian libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

To connect with Daniel, use @newbookofdaniel on Twitter and/or Parler. You can also follow him on Facebook, but lately he’s decided to be more active on MeWe.

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