Oh, to be in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s shoes

By now you’ve probably heard that the cancel culture is alive and well, even in the halls of Congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the 46-year-old representative of Georgia’s 14th district, was removed from both of her committee seats by a vote of 199 – 230. Eleven Republicans (in name only) were among those who voted for her removal.

Oh, how I envy Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now, instead of sitting around, watching Budget Committee Chairman John Jarmuth (D-KY) placate the treasonous Ilhan Omar, or watch Education & Labor Committee Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA) do the same (Omar happens to be on both of the committees Greene was on), Representative Greene is now free to roam the halls of Congress and get the inside scoop of all the treasonous Deep State activities and cronyism occurring on Capitol Hill.

And if I were Rep. Greene, here is what I’d do.

Until I was restored to my committees, I would stand on the steps of the Capitol each evening and spill the beans on all cronyism and treasonous Deep State activity I heard about that day. Everything that violates our nation’s laws and the Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution, I would announce loud and clear to be reported by any outlet that wished to report it.

I’d talk about Nancy Pelosi’s family members making curious investments after Nancy learned of certain actions would be taken by the White House. It’s something her family has been doing for years, and she’s never been hauled before the ethics committee for it.

I’d talk about things like Adam Schiff’s curious connections to Ukrainian business people, and how Schiff’s “acquaintances” (aka donors) happen to land lucrative contracts with the federal government — and also lucrative contracts with countries that receive foreign aid money.

Anything and everything that even so much as hints of cronyism, corruption, and treason I’d be sniffing out and announcing every evening on the Capitol steps. Yes, the IRS might tear into every aspect of my finances for the past 30 years. Yes, I might get into an unforeseen nasty car wreck that kills me or maims me for life. And yes, I might even get shot twice in the back of the head during a “robbery” in which my wallet is not taken.

But none of it would happen in vain. My constituents would have voted for me to represent them in Congress, and if I couldn’t work for them while serving on a committee, I’d work for them by exposing the corruption that permeates Washington D.C.

The TRUTH needs to exposed. And Marjorie Taylor Greene now has a great opportunity to expose it.

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About Daniel Bobinski and the New Book of Daniel blog:

For 30+ years, Daniel Bobinski was a management / leadership coach and corporate trainer. He’s also a certified behavioral analyst, NYT best-selling and award-winning author, and long-time columnist on workplace issues.

In 2019 Daniel decided to start writing about news & politics, penning a weekly column for UncoverDC, where he serves as assistant editor. He also writes for RedState.

Daniel is a veteran and a self-styled Christian libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

To connect with Daniel, use @newbookofdaniel on Twitter and/or Parler. You can also follow him on Facebook, but lately he’s decided to be more active on MeWe.

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